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Cold Steel O Bokken Trainer

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Cold Steel O Bokken Trainer

Experience the art of Japanese swordsmanship with the Cold Steel O Bokken Trainer. This practice sword was meticulously designed to closely replicate the length, size, weight, and feel of a real Katana, allowing you to train with utmost realism and precision.

Key Features:

  • Black Polypropylene Construction: The O Bokken Trainer is constructed with high-quality black polypropylene, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Authentic Design: With an overall length of 44" and a blade length of 31.5", this trainer closely emulates the proportions of a traditional Katana.
  • Safe Training: The synthetic black handle provides a secure grip and minimizes the risk of causing serious or permanent injury during practice sessions.
  • Realistic Feel: Designed to replicate the weight and feel of a real Katana, the O Bokken Trainer allows for realistic training and skill development.

Elevate your martial arts training and improve your swordsmanship skills with the Cold Steel O Bokken Trainer. Perfect for beginners and experienced practitioners alike, this trainer offers a safe and authentic training experience.

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